AutoRepair Cloud

AutoRepair Cloud 2.0

Full-featured application for managing an auto shop business

Full-featured application for managing an auto shop business

AutoRepair Cloud is a cloud based all-in-one platform for running your auto shop business. It gives small and midsize businesses complete control over their auto shop business processes within an easy-to-use software solution. It helps to manage your customers, inventory, and keep track of your annual/monthly budget.

Key features:

Repair orders management

Vehicle in shop management

Easy find customer/vehicle information

Draft organized inspection reports

Chat with the customer

Make/send images to the customer,

Appointments Scheduling


QuickBooks integration

Analytic tools (reports)

VIN scanner/decoder

Auto parts ordering

Inventory management

Payment processing

Labor Estimates


AutoRepair Cloud offers:

- Free mobile application to shares workflow with the customer, send images and chat with the customer, and all information will be saved within the system.

- Maintenance Schedule app for your Facebook page will keep your customers up on all necessary services that have to be rendered at a certain mileage: shows the description of services to be done, calculates the date of each service to be done, calculates price per labour

AutoRepair Cloud

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AutoRepair Cloud 2.0

— User reviews — about AutoRepair Cloud

  • Robin Stephenson1133849384

    by Robin Stephenson1133849384

    "I like the system. I believe it's a good choice and wothr the money"

    I did not expect anything extraordinary from this software, but now I think I've been way too skeptical. The system meet... More.

    reviewed on April 24, 2017

  • sean_wallace

    by sean_wallace

    "Good software with number of options that meet my needs"

    Had doubts if I should stick to this software but after a few weeks of using it I made up my mind and do not regret stil... More.

    reviewed on April 12, 2017

  • Lynn Barton1049648914

    by Lynn Barton1049648914

    "Pretty good software for so low price"

    I used similar software systems before, but at the end stopped at AutoRepair Cloud. It has all the required features to ... More.

    reviewed on January 18, 2017

  • jorge_auto

    by jorge_auto

    "It's a value for money"

    It's a cloud-based application with iPad, iPhone compatible apps and a separate app for clients which makes communicatio... More.

    reviewed on December 7, 2016

  • jorge_auto

    by jorge_auto

    "It's a good applictaion maiking the daily routine easier"

    It's not just a RO manager but a complete application where even the customer can be directly engaged in the repair proc... More.

    reviewed on November 28, 2016

  • David Thiruman

    by David Thiruman

    "Autorepair cloud is a good software to improve auto repair shop management"

    It’s fairly easy to use, many helpful features, good customer service. Auto repair cloud has a lot of features for its p... More.

    reviewed on June 1, 2016